No heating or hot water? Tom Sutton Heating is here to help.

Before you call an expert, we have a compiled a little list of things you can check yourself to potentially save you some money!

  • Have you checked that everything is switched on? The first one may sound silly, but always check the obvious first!
  • Make sure your room thermostat is turned up fully. Again, may sound obvious but always worth checking!
  • Check your system pressure. Some boilers have pressure gauges on the front. If your boiler is reading 0 bar of pressure, this needs topping up to 1 bar. Not all boilers are designed to work on pressurized systems, so they do not always have a pressure gauge.
  • Make sure the lights on your programmer are on. If you have a programmer with led lights, make sure that they come on when you turn the heating and hot water on.
  • Is your boiler displaying a fault code? Some boilers may display a fault code. It is worth pushing the re set button to see if this fault code clears. We would still recommend you call an expert to check the boiler even if the fault clears and the boiler begins to work again.
  • Have you got gas? You may be on a pre-payment gas meter and your credit may have run out. This is worth checking before calling in an expert.

If all of the above fails, then you will need to call out an expert gas engineer. Luckily Tom Sutton Heating is here to help!

We treat boiler breakdowns as emergencies and  will aim to get to you the same day you call us!

For an emergency boiler repair Call 01590 540188 or 07774673109 or email